Multifunctional radio-receiver for general use.
This is the smallest radio-receiver for alarm equipment available nowadays. The receiver has two relay outputs of which functioning depends on the transmitter type which is programmed. In case it is connected to a control unit on which only detectors are programmed, it supplies alarm and tamper output.

In case it is used with remote controls, it replaces an electronic key by supplying one on-off output, and another one signalling armed/disarmed status through different pulses. Extremely versatile, it may also be used with keypads, control units and other transmitters for house- and general automations.

These devices receive radio signals from all Silentron transmitting devices (remote controls, detectors, control panels) outputting various reports based on employed transmitter. Tampering, supervision/low battery and radio interference outputs are available for alarm system expansion applications.


Radio expansion of existing hardwired burglary alarm systems; gates opening, switching on lights remotely controlled by one or more points; various uses which require a wireless connection between one or more transmitting device and a receiver. The choice between the three models depends on the number of required outputs (NC and/or NO).


Silentron receivers are installed where signal reception is required, therefore within radio range with respect to transmitters, bearing 
in mind that they feature a built in antenna and cannot operate inside metal housings.