Supervised remote-controlled control panels for mixed (DualBand radio and wire-connected) alarm systems

Silenya HT Top is an all-round solution for home alarm installations integrated with hazard-detection and home-automation functions.

The supervised DualBand scanner radio transmission guarantees secure system communications between the control panel, the detectors and the alarm signallers. The individually-controlled alarms generate different signals depending on the situations detected: attempted approach, housebreaking, burglary, intrusions in protected premises, fire, flooding and other dangers. In case of alarm the unit calls pre-programmed telephone numbers and transmits specific messages depending on the events detected. The user can call the unit to check or change its status, to listen to ambient sounds or to send commands to electrical devices, lights, automated equipment, boilers, etc.

The unit is easy to use: the 3 zones are set (together or individually) by remote control or by using the onboard keyboard or additional keyboards.
The Silenya unit responds by voice to confirm and/or inform of any new events. The deterrent effect is guaranteed. The unit controls powerful indoor and/or outdoor sound alarms by radio and/or wire. If necessary it can give voice alerts, turn on lights or activate other dissuaders to send off the intruders.

5502 Silenya HT Top: powered by 230V electricity, with backup battery (not supplied); can control 99 radio-operated detectors and a number of wire-connected detectors through a dedicated power supply; provided with radio/wire outputs for alarms and 18 home automation commands; works using the PSTN network; can call up to 63 phone numbers and send up to 6 voice messages, as well as digital protocols if connected to security services.