Security Systems

EMS provide specially designed burglar alarm systems and services for home and commercial enterprises. We understands that a "one size fits all" solution isn't always the best and this is why our intruder alarms are tailored to meet individual requirements as well as being “best in class”. From basic to complex security alarms, EMS supplies a vast range of products supporting a variety of security requirements including panels, detectors and sirens wire and wireless technology.

Video Phones

With our a video intercom systems you never have to wonder who is at your front door again. Not only does it give you and your family piece of mind and extra security, you can also use our products as an in-home intercom system to communicate from room to room with our state of the art monitors. Unlike other companies, we offer a variety of styles and models for you to choose from. Our 7” screens make it easy to view from far away and our sturdy, durable door stations prevent vandalism

Nec Philips Telephone Systems

EMS is an Authorised NEC Unified Solutions Business Partner. This accreditation is only awarded to companies who have proven commitment, service and experience with NEC. As a result, our customers benefit from superior pricing, consultation, technical and after sales support.

Automation Moving Life

Automated gates offer a range of benefits, not least security. A fully automated gate system will instantly increase the security of your property. It is generally safer to stay inside your car when returning after a late night out, and is definitely warmer, and more comfortable.

With security and access control playing a major role within our lives, entrances to our homes become increasingly more important whether it be due to security, safety, ease of access, controlled access, or to enhance the appearance of a home.

Automatic gates instantly add a touch of glamour and prestige to your property, thus increasing the value of your home.

Access Control

Access control systems are electronic security solutions that are installed to manage the flow of people into, around and out of buildings. The three primary functions of access control systems are to monitor the locations of individuals within a building, control where individuals are able to gain access and manage individual user permissions to ensure that access is granted to the correct individual to the correct areas at the correct times.

EMS offers a full range of access control products from core components to peripheral devices. A complete access control portfolio enables us to offer a complete solution design tailored to address our individual customer needs.

Fire Detection

EMS offers industry leading fire and smoke detection designed to help protect people and property. Fire safety is critical for every home and business and EMS understand how to protect your Premises. Preventing fire is not always assured, so having the right technology to detect and alert you to fire is essential for protecting assets and saving lives.

Our fire detection and alarm systems offers reliable, early detection of all fire types coupled to superb false alarm management. They protect life, property and assist business by detecting fire at the earliest stage, allowing more time to evacuate, respond and extinguish fires before they become life, building or business critical.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

EMS has unparalleled expertise in designing and installing CCTV security cameras. From simple home security cameras to video surveillance systems for small shops and business premises to large complex projects such as urban traffic management systems, town centre CCTV systems and high profile buildings.

Utilising the latest in CCTV security technology, Video Analytics, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), High Definition security cameras and IP (Internet Protocol) based CCTV equipment, EMS deliver solutions that are at the leading edge of CCTV camera technology. Offering video surveillance solutions are tailor made to meet our customers exacting requirements, ensuring that the system provides effective safety and security and delivers a clear return on investment.